More information about the residential will be given at future meetings where you can put your name down to attend.

The SheenBunkhouse, Derbyshire.

Quotes From Past Attendees

“The chance to spend the weekend away was great to have, it meant that I could talk about everything I wanted to and could get to know people a lot better. I would definitely say I am now more confident in myself and about my trans identity. The workshops were great and I felt confident enough to talk about my own anxieties and learned that I wasn’t alone.”

“I enjoyed spending time in a space with other men just like me, I felt that we understood each other, i think that myself and other gained some confidence and got to feel “normal” for a few days which was a really nice feeling, I would definitely go again.”

“Going on the MORF weekend away was a great opportunity to share stories and experiences about being a transman, in a supportive and understanding atmosphere. I came away from the weekend feeling very proud to be part of the trans community, and feeling as though I had made some really good bonds with other guys who’re like me. I really look forward to the next one!”